Svee Wheeler

Born in the UK in the late 70's,

Svee has been drawing since the day he held his first crayon but he didnt pick up an airbrush until 2005. Before that he was a pencil and ink kinda guy spending hour after hour drawing his own comics and comic-style characters. As soon as he held that airbrush though things changed for him and he soon found himself learning all he could about this new found art form. He wanted to know everything there was to know from how to prep the item being painted, what paints to use, correct reducing procedures right up to clear coating and polishing the finished result.
Once he had a good working knowlege of airbrushing he decided to take his learning to the next level by getting some structured tutoring in this awesome art form from one of the United Kingdom's best airbrush artists Beej Curtis. Svee spent a week with Beej in his studio at Organic Image and vastly increased his knowlege on all things to do with airbrushing and custom painting.


Because of his love of music, and the fact he has been a keen guitarist since his teen years, Svee specialises in airbrushed artwork on guitars although he does paint other things too.  His multi-award winning art has built him quite a reputation for highly detailed, vibrant paint jobs on a wide range of subtrates from guitars to motorbikes, leather jackets to canvas paintings. His client list includes major names including ESP Guitars and Brian May (Queen).

Although Svee specialises in graphic guitars, he also airbrushes leather jackets, motorcycles, wall murals and pretty much anything that will sit still long enough. One of his full motorcycle paint jobs (A David Mann tribute Harley Davidson) has been winning awards at every show it goes to including 1st place in "Best Paint" competitions and "Best in show" contests. He also does a wide range of digital work including website graphics, digital paintings/artwork and logo design and even video editing and movie special effects.

Svee takes great pride in his work and as a result his art is done to a level of quality rather than a price band. Because of this he tends not to work to a deadline so he can make each and every paint job as good as it can possibly be. He works on his own so he is in complete control of the entire creative process from prep to polish. That way Svee can ensure the level of quality is never compromised throughout all the stages of a custom paint job.


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